FN60fps’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (Passed the practical)

                         Welcome to FN60fps ATC Tracking Thread!

                               Status: N/A

                               Airport: N/A
                               Server: Training Server

                               Frequency: Ground /Tower

Feedback is appreciated!


Pls Update it when you close

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I am now open at KIAD!

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You mean the title where it says open?

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It’s great to hear that you are in the process of joining the IFATC team! I’m not available currently, but I would love to join a future session! Be sure to tag me when you open next. Cheers mate!

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I will be open for 30 minutes, but yeah for sure, I will tag you in future sessions


no issues, just a bit of a late exit runway.

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Wasn’t expecting the full stop!

yeah, many controllers in the training sessions also. (same for me when i controll busy aiports xD)

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Hi @FN60fps, I was there on your Frequency a couple of minutes back

~ Perfect taxi when I requested the wrong runway

~ Sequence and clearance was spot on

~ Rw change and clearance was spot on

~ No pattern entry for the Fedex 2727

~ No resequence / re-clearance to N1322K ( he was told to follow me) should have been given no 1 clear for the option after I requested for a runway change

~ For the upwind conflict with N1322K you should have given me extend upwind and made me turn downwind once we had adequate spacing

~ Perfect catch of the Go-Around with N1322K ( You could have used Please expedite traffic is on final to avoid the Go-Around)

~ Perfect runway exit command

If you have any queries please feel free to DM me

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So, when aircraft have a filed flight plan you should still issue them a pattern entry??

Any aircraft that is inbound, touch and or for a runway change should be given a pattern entry.

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So it should have been enter straight in runway 19C, then clear Fedex to land?

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Thanks for the feedback!

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Just to clarify a few things if possible,

Aircraft that are already cleared aren’t required to receive an additional clearance, even if other aircraft are squeezed in. Furthermore, a resequence would be the best thing to do.

For the most part, this is spot on. Although, I’ve made a small chart to help explain what to do in all inbound situations. Essentially, when approach is active, there are some inbound approaches that do not require certain things:
Screenshot 2022-01-04 3.35.04 PM

Hope this helps! Cheers, very excited to see you join IFATC very soon!

Edit: I think I was mistaken; GPS does not need pattern entry even without approach services since they already have the approach filed, but I am not 100% sure. So if another IFATC member could help clarify that would be beyond great! Thanks guys!

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Hey everyone I am open at KIAD, hopefully, @Daniel_Steinman can join the session!

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I have a few more classes to attend, but if you are open later this evening I would be happy to join! :)

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No worries, I might close soon though, I only have one arrival from KJFK

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I am currently opened at KIAD