FN60fps’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ MMMX

Tbh. VNLK is a great option, I looked at some images in Google, this airprot is great and challenging at the same time!

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that’s right, only you can’t do PW there, another option is NVVV, it has 3D and has nice views of the coast

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Let me check it out Lol

Feedback from N76VT. All good for me. Good taxi commands before takeoff, good takeoff clearance with logical pattern direction, good option clearence, good departure and transition, good inbound with the correct “for landing” phrase since I asked for landing, not t/g, good exit rwy. Only minor issue was when I exited left off 5R, you gave me “hold position” to cancel the “cross 5L” you had just given me. Since I was still sitting just across the 5R hold short line, I would have been happier with “disregard last message” followed by “hold short 5L”. Then I could have taxied on over to the 5L hold short line while waiting for the reissued “cross 5L”.

Enjoyed the flight.


Me: N76VT, cross runway 05R!

N76VT, starts to cross the runway!

Aircraft on final: Crosses the threshold line!

Me: N76VT, cancel runway crossing, hold position LoL

A few of my favorites were KEUG, KAUS, KSMF, KFLL, LEPA. These are all not-so-busy locations with nice widely spaced, similar length, parallel runways

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For my part, everything was in order, except that when I was going to cross runway 05L, you told me to continue with my taxi, not to cross runway 05L, the error is not very serious but the EU must take it into account, congratulations! :)

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Hey, I am now closed, hope to see you all in the next session!

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See picture. What I was trying to say, is you had me hold at A, but I would rather have been allowed to roll on up to B while waiting for the conflict to clear.

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I see what you mean but this should not have happened if i didn’t told you to cross the runway.

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Hey, I am open at KMFE,

Wind: 140005KT

Runway: 14 and 18

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Hey there @FN60fps , I was flying patterns in the Cessna 208 Caravan (C-IMTB) @MHTG, Great work on patterns and sequencing!

Two pieces of feedback for you. During my patterns I was keeping them quite tight on some of them, Since you had 4 aircraft sitting there you could have directed me to extend downwind to get the traffic flowing more since there was only one runway.

The second part during the operation when you put me Number 3 behind traffic on right downwind (HI-123AB) what i would have done is directed me extend upwind to keep that distance as it was cutting pretty close when i was on downwind since he was cleared to turn base.

But other than that had great time flying patterns with you under command! Hope to do it again some time! <3

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Hey, @Ashton_Earhart your feedback is really appreciated.

Regarding the “Extend downwind” usage, I was thinking the same about telling you to extend downwind but I had the following two things in mind. I thought that If I told you to extend downwind, you would crash into the mountains. Also, you had a small aircraft, I thought it would be hard for you to climb and descend through the mountains. That’s why I decided to let you land first.

I agree with you about the “Extend Upwind” usage! Thanks!

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Can understand where the mountain range comes into play, but i did have a clearance of about 2500agl on normal pattern work there. Put myself a bit higher up than the normal pattern altitude, For sure a good thought proccess though but if i had to extend downwind it would put me into a position to work with the terrian and adjust my altitude for the final base leg.

I 100% almost crashed on my second to last T&G i had a solid 4ft rating on my AGL during final.

But yeah, I was going to continute more with the patterns but my hand started to cramp ahah! Good fun!

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I am open at KIAD

I am open at MPTO, Panama Approach frequency only!

Hey, everyone!

Dubai Intl Airport(OMDB) Its Closed

I am open at MMMX!

I recommend you open smaller airport first like :
In the future, so the person giving you feeback not distrubed of another traffic

and also tag all person that has been into this session

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@VibrantPixel I see what you’re saying, but most of the airports you mentioned above are sometimes occupied and used by official IFATC training sessions in the training server!

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