FlyTasman Virtual Airline's Official Thread! | The People's Airline| Closing for a short while

Credit to @Aussie_Wombat for the amazing drawing

Welcome to the FlyTasman Virtual Airlines official Thread!

We are based in The Land Down Under & The Land of The Long White Cloud (Australia and New Zealand ), however we hope to expand our reaches far beyond this small section of the world.
You may think oh another little Virtual Airline that will die pretty soon but we have a spirit of those airplanes taking off and landing every day and we hope we share that spirit to you

If you wish to join just scroll to the bottom of the page and go to the website.

We are IFVARB approved

Staff Team
Our Staff team are special because we don’t fit into the normal CEO/COO, we have Directors & Deputy Directors. The Staff List are as follows:

Staff List

----Head Administration----
Director - @Connor_Seymour
Director - @KiwisFlying
Deputy Director - @Bev7787
Deputy Director -
Deputy Director - Doesn’t have IFC account
----Staff Members----
Internal Affairs Director -
Route Manager - @Bev7787
Event manager - @Paul_G
Head of Recruitment -
Head of Public Relations -
Fleet Manager - @Qantas737guy
Digital Design Team - @Aussie_Wombat
Human Resources Manager - @calocat
Hub Manager - Sydney (YSSY) - @Jacob_Sim
Hub Manager - Auckland (NZAA) -

As you can tell we are in dire need of Staff Members, so PM @Connor_Seymour with your information and the job you want!

What does our fleet consist of you may ask well I have the answer for you below


C208 (The Mighty) Caravan
Dash-8 (Say hello to my little friend) Q400
A319 (Baby bus)
A320 (Child bus)
A321 (Teen bus)
A330 (Early 20s partying through to tomorrow)

Sorry Boeing lovers :)
McDonnell Douglas

Our Pilot Ranking System has been put into place because of our thinking that, the higher you reach the more effort you should have to put into it. Below is the Ranking System

Ranking System

Please note this is logged hours with the VA
Trainee - 0-5 hours
Second Officer - 5-30 hours
First Officer - 30-50 hours
Captain - 50+ hours

And the aircraft you’ll be able to fly corresponds to your rank:
Trainee - C208
Second Officer - C208 & Q400
First Officer - A319, A320, A321, C208, Q400
Captain - All Aircraft

Too add to that, here’s our flight filing system FlyTasman Flight Logging System

Our routes have been finely put into pictures so they’re easier to read than a really long list. Please note that certain aircraft are only allowed on certain routes. This is due to customer convenience and technical limitations.

Route Maps

All route Maps
Purple = C208 Routes
Green = Q400 Routes
Red = A320 Family Routes (A319, A320, A321)
Blue = A330 Routes

Mainline Routes
Australian Regional Routes
New Zealand Regional Routes

It was probably a lot of fun making this because this is where you can join us through this link: Credit to @KiwisFlying for making this website

Join Us
Like what you see and want to apply immediately? Just click this link here, it’ll take you straight to the sign-up sheet embedded into the website!

Safe flights from the FlyTasman Virtual Airline team!!


Welcoming @KyleLemon8 as our new Head of Recruitment!

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Looking good guys. Nice to be involved!

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30 hours to fly something as small as the 319 is rather long time.

Also, you mention the MD11 in your fleet, But your website says only until the end of January? How come it’s not a permanent fixture and why is it a special event aircraft?

I wish you the very best of luck guys. You’ve clearly worked hard at producing a great website, just thought I’d give you my 5 cents.


Well there’s obviously been a miscommunication somewhere along the line, and don’t worry, we’ve made sure the the hours have been checked

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Awesome VA, (nice logo 😂😏)


You made it, thanks for the kind words

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Just applied on the website to join the VA

Will have a look at your application!


Has anyone told you that you have a beautiful website and logo?

Well yes, some one has told you, I did!

Hahah, Thanks! Credit goes to both of the people I tagged below, thanks again!

30 hours is achievable in around 10 or so flight’s, we’ve got it worked out.
The MD-11 is a special event aircraft in order to celebrate its intergration into Infinite Flight, and it would be fun for our pilots to be able to fly it for a limited time!

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Some important news everyone.
As I type these words, harsh weather is battering the North and South Islands of New Zealand.
As such some flights may be cancelled/delayed


Dear everyone due to recent polling, we’ve come to the desision that everyone must have a google account in order to join, this may sound rude but most of our documents require Google!

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I can’t take my eyes off the Logo!!!

Great Job @Aussie_Wombat!

Good Luck to your VA!


Thanks again, it’s a very nice logo!


Ahhh I was going to use that slogan for my Va, such a beautiful one. Best of luck for the future and maby, who know what might happen with out 2 Va’s ;)
-Sean Hickey


An update on the weather situation:
While the situation has gone from “Beware of low flying freight trains” to “Doors getting blown off hinges,” it’s important that you’re all adequately informed of weather information in New Zealand!

We will resume operations to Auckland Intl Airport, however there may be delays.

Napier is still experiencing delays.

We have cancelled all services to Christchurch.


Welcoming @Jacob_Sim as our new Hub Manager for YSSY!


The VA looks great! Glad to be a new member of the staff team!

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