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Welcome To FlySwiss Virtual’s Official Thread!

Hello folks, welcome to the Improved FlySwiss Virtual thread. We have been hard at work to bring the best experience to you!

To Apply - Check Out Our Website

Photo Credits: @Captain_Zen

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About us

FlySwiss Virtual was originally founded on December 18th, 2017. We wanted to deliver the best quality of Swiss flying to the community. We got IFVARB approved on February 8th, 2018

Our Staff

Here at the FlySwiss Virtual we have a team of 8 helping out our pilots with any questions that need an answer. Our staff members have experience from multiple other VA’s.


CEO ~ @United-Express

COO ~ @Captain_Zen

Deputy CEO ~ @AndroidPilot

Events Manager ~ @HockeyMan06

Flight Manager ~ @Captain_Zen

Representative ~ @indraniel

Social Media Manager ~ @Kevegg

Head of Creative ~ @Ender_MineZ


There IS ONE requirement. You need to be at least older than 9. You can join at any Infinite Flight grade. If you are under Grade 2, you need to pass the training program. If you want to join, check out our apply page on our website.

Number of Pilot’s

Updated weekly, this is the current amount of pilots we have in our VA.

Live Pilot Count

Pilot number = 54

Ranks and Fleet

We have a fleet of 13 aircraft from all the major airplane manufactures. Whatever the route length we have the perfect aircraft for you!

Ranks and Fleet

Ranks and Fleets

Trainee: CR22 - During training course

Relief Crew: CRJ900, Cirrus, ERJ175, A319, A320- 0 Hours

Third Officer: CRJ900, Cirrus, ERJ175, ERJ190, A319, A320, A321 - 10 Hours

Second Officer: CRJ900 Cirrus, ERJ175, ERJ190, A319, A320, A321, A330, MD-11 - 25 Hours

First Officer: CRJ 900, Cirrus, ERJ175, ERJ190, A319, A320, A321, A330, MD-11, A340, F-22 - 45 Hours

Captain: CRJ900, Cirrus, ERJ175, ERJ190, A319, A320, A321, A330, MD-11, A340, 777, F-22 - 70Hours

List with photos can be found on our websites “Fleet and Ranking System” Page


As you work up our ranks, you’ll be able to travel across the world. You can check out our full list of our routes on our website:


Our main form of communication is slack. Our slack channels are moderated 24 hours a day insuring things get done as quickly and safely as possible.

Flight Training

It is mandatory for new pilots grade 1 or 2 to take a short flight training lesson. If they need help, links and general advice can be given. If anyone grade 3,4 or 5 want to take it, they can contact our flight trainer @Captain_Zen if they’d like.

FlySwiss Q&A

Do I need to pay for anything at all?

Nope, none at all. If someone asks for money its not us. Please contact us if anything like this happened

What are the routes for pilots?

Here at FSVA we fly any route Swiss flys in real life.

How active do I need to be?

Our pilots must log at least one flight per 2 week. If you need a break longer than this, message a staff member.

Is there a crew center?

No, we are looking at making one.


FlySwiss Destination of the Week V2

This premise is each week, the pilot with the most flights logged gets to pick a destination for the FlySwiss pilots and community to fly to.

Destination of the Week events

September 2, 2018
COMPLETED | FlySwiss Destination of the Week V2! @LSGG - 021900ZSEP18

Landing Competitions

This is self explanatory. You do a landing and the best landing wins

All Landing Competitions

We have had none yet. We will have one soon


At FlySwiss we have a military branch that keeps the infinite flight skies safe and also preform along side other IF Air Forces

All Airshows

February 25, 2018
(COMPLETED) FlySwiss Virtual / dynamX air show @ LSZH - 251900ZFEB18

Group Flights

We preform group flights for memorial flights, and just for fun.

All Group Flights

We have had none yet. Our next event will be one though!


We will post partnerships here. Stay tuned

GlobeCast Virtual Alliance

We at FlySwiss are apart of GlobeCast Alliance. One of the best alliances in IF today!

Thank you for reading our thread. If you have any feedback or questions don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments or pm any of our staff. Thank You!
Also don’t forget to check our Instagram page

FlySwiss Virtual is in no way affiliated with real Swiss Airlines.

Our thread is IFVARB approved


Hmm, I will look into this…

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Hello Everyone

Today I come to you with saddening news about FlySwiss. Me and the Team at FSV have decided it would be best for us to close our doors. Due to a severe drop in popularity and participation from Pilots we think it would be best for us to end our time here. We would like to thank everyone who has helped FlySwiss get to the place it was. Thanks for 8 months of flying with us.

FlySwiss Virtual