FlyRunwayHeading's Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ SKRG

Open! Thanks to anyone who stops by!

Closed early – No traffic :(

Ah! Cool. Will come looking for you. I’m thinking about jumping on the ATC wagon too.

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You absolutely should! I’ll be open this afternoon! Please just make sure to follow instructions as it’s a training environment, and fly professionally! :D I look forward to seeing you!


I’ll be open at PHOG at 2022-05-24T21:10:00Z2022-05-24T23:30:00Z
Please stop by if you can! If you can, please like this comment so I have an idea of the traffic hahaha

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Hey, @FlyRunwayHeading here is OK-LOL feedback.

VIS Approach:

I would recommend keeping VIS aircraft downwind, 1000ft lower than ILS.

ILS Approach

The intercept was issued a bit early, which resulted in a missed approach.

Otherwise, great job on the vectors!

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Thank you so much for the feedback, and for stopping by!

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The only thing I could add is that the intercept vector for the ILS rwy02 came a little late but was doable.

Correct handoff to unicom, no incursions ground, other aircraft.👍

Stef (oo-lxv)

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Thank you so much! I’ll work on that!

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Open at SKRG
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Sorry, I had to leave due to internet issues

Phew. I thought I crashed you into the mtn xD

Hey @FlyRunwayHeading here is the feedback from OK-LOL

I don’t have any complaints, good job!

I am just curious about you using Left Downwind. Most trainees I have flown for have used Right Downwind.

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The only reason I kept you on the L was because you were on the L side, and I saw an opportunity to get you in! Did the altitudes work okay? I have a plan for both sides just in case lol

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Closed at SKRG

Oh I see. However, based on my inbound direction, it would have been better to use right downwind, since the DW turn was sharp there. Using Right Downwind could have led to a smoother downwind interception. Also, you should only plan for using a single downwind, especially for single-runway airports. Thanks again for the service!