FlyRunwayHeading's Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ SKRG

Radar Tracking Thread -- FlyRunwayHeading

Hello everyone! I just started radar training and I really want to improve my skills! I SO appreciate any and all feedback that you have for me! My goal is to be a strong member of our radar team at IFATC and your feedback truly means the world to me, so I can accomplish my goals! :D




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Flying in from KBWI! :))


I’ve gotta close up in about 35mins, but i’ll be open again around 2022-05-13T01:00:00Z

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Will do my best to drop by when you reopen

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Thank you so much <3 I feel the love today guys n gals

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Seems like I might just make it! About 28 minutes left 😳

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I’ll do my best to stay open until you arrive.

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@FN60fps I haven’t gotten to GPS approaches yet, so be nice :P

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AH sorry did not know, you doing great thought!

Sorry for the initial delay, I had to pull the chart up xD

Gotta close up for 30-45mins. I’ll reopen as soon as possible <3
I can’t thank everyone enough for stopping by, and for the awesome feedback <3

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Feel free to tag me, I will try to stop by when I can!

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Hey! Honestly not much to say! I think you did quite good!

Only thing that woke up a little was when you announced “expect flight plan deviation” shouldn’t that have been “expect vectors for the ILS runway 4”?

Other than that it was great! Thanks for the service!:))

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Good catch. Thanks for the feedback!!

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Reopen at KROC :)

Feedback N1DS

Session Details

Time: 0200Z
Airport: KROC
Approaches Utilized: ILS, VIS, RV

First Approach - ILS (Vectors)

  • Good initial contact and vectors. These vectors were sufficient to take me all the way to the airport. A small deviation from 130 to 140 wasn’t needed because even if I was closer to the airport when I reached the cone, a clearance at a lower altitude to keep up with the GS would’ve been acceptable.
  • Great intercept. Keep it up!
  • Good handoff.

Second Approach - Visual (Vectors)

  • When descending me down to 2000Ft on DW, you could’ve used that opportunity to turn me to base. This was because there was no other traffic in the proximity of my aircraft at that moment, because terrain allowed for it, and because it would expedite my approach.
  • While on base (close to the cone), N2291C was getting fairly close to me, and it was very close to being a bust. The first thing you could’ve done to prevent this would be to preemptively anticipate vectors for N2291C by turning him away from me. The next thing that could’ve been done was using speed commands. By reducing the aircraft’s speed, you could make sure that the spacing between aircraft is exactly where you want it. A rule of thumb for training is to never be afraid to use speed commands when it is needed. Lastly, you could’ve descended me to 1500 on base to ensure proper separation with the aircraft. That said, remember to never give vectors below 1000Ft because that will be a terrain bust.
  • I pressed RAIS right as you gave me additional vectors. It was good that you cleared me, but you can still give additional vectors before or even after the aircraft RAIS if the controller feels it’s necessary.
  • Good handoff.

Third Approach - Radar Vectors (RV)

  • Climbed me up to 3000Ft on initial contact. I would keep the altitude for RV lower in general (if terrain and traffic permit) so that you can expedite approaches when possible.
  • Cleared me on DW, which is technically fine, but I was far too high to land at the point where I was, so it would be better to descend me to 2000Ft or maybe 1500Ft on base and then clear me. This would allow for a smoother approach, along with ensuring that efficiency is being maximized.

Overall, solid job today! Thanks for the service, and have an amazing night!

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AMAZING Feedback. Thank you so much! I’ll work on that moving forward!

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My pleasure, anytime! :) I look forward to seeing your progression!

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Hello! I’m going to try and be open at 2022-05-13T16:00:00Z


Hope to see you there!!

Tag me when you open :)

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