FlyRunwayHeading's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ PHOG

Will do! Gotta give you a couple laps first :P

Open at KROC Runway 04 :)

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Would help if you tag those who ask each time, I was going to come last night when you opened again but you didn’t tag me so I didn’t know. But I’m coming

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Will do moving forward <3

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Feedback from HB-AID

ILS Approach:

  • You need to give a heading with the clearance.
  • I think 4000 would have been a better initial altitude.

Visual Approach:

  • Separation bust (950ft, 2nm)

Radar Vectors:

  • No issues

Thank you and well done!

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Thank you!!!

I’m now closed


Feedback from Delta 911:

Positive Approaches:

All but 1 Approach were excellent!

I really loved the 1st ILS Approach with a single vector clearance!


I’m sorry - it’s always nice when a controller admits when they have done something wrong but it’s even more nice when the controller attempts to correct the issue which I saw that you tried!

Feedback To Work On

Separation Bust with OK-LOL:

2NM and 500FT

This could have been avoided by either having me climb to 4000 for the ILS approach or you could have extended my downwind. By the time that you gave the speed commands it was already too late. However I do give you props for telling them to execute missed approach and attempting to resolve the conflict. A radar controller must be vigilant for all conflicts and always remember to satisfy the separation minimums.

1,000FT vertically


3NM laterally (personally I prefer 4NM)

No further issues!

Excellent work today!


Remember that you can always upgrade or change a pilots approach type if necessary, in this case you didn’t want to practice GPS approaches so you could have told them to expect ILS or even radar vectors instead.

A personal account of mine here recently was I had an aircraft that wanted the ILS approach but they did not know how to intercept the localizer and overshot after giving them a reverse and it happened again I simply changed their approach type to radar vectors, I did this because I did not want to issue a violation and the airspace was not busy.

Thanks for the service today! @FlyRunwayHeading

If you have any questions feel free to ask them either here or via Discord!



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You’re awesome! Thank you so much for the feedback <3

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Open at PHOG (See above for details)

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On my way!

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Feedback (6O-SMA

  • I would personally recommend extending my DW just a little bit more so you have more space for the intercept.

Thanks for the service, sorry I had to go so soon. I’m pretty busy and had extra time for a quick app💯👋🏽

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I appreciate you stopping by! Thank you for the feedback!!

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@Rjzurita Want me to add you to the tag list?

I would say to that I’m also a trainee and just got cleared for radar training, so don’t take my word for it but that’s always what worked for me and without a issue 💯

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Closed at PHOG

OPEN at PHOG Runway 02 in use
@Rjzurita @Syncline @Henrik @ButterAllDay @NightHawk @Kitick @Michael_Sides1 @Kaj @Daniel_Steinman @BT_HANDLES @FN60fps

Hey there @FlyRunwayHeading! Really great job. I loved the consistency of your first vector every time; makes for a good controller when they know what will always work.

My only feedback is that my ILS clearance was a dash late. I haven’t been to a training session in a loooong time but when I used to attend them, 200KIAS was common on base. For your clearance to work, I would have either had to 1) fly at a slower speed (speed command would have worked) or 2) be cleared a little earlier.

Keep it up!

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I appreciate the feedback!!! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Opening at PHOG at 2022-05-22T17:00:00Z2022-05-22T19:00:00Z
Runway 02 in use

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