FlyRoyalKing Virtual Airline

Hello Everyone! This is FlyRoyalKing Virtual Airline…we are hiring pilots,if you are interested to Join Us Please visit our instagram @Fly.Royal.King … and also visit our website to know our Rules,Fleet,Routes,Hubs and more… This is our Official Website

Joining Us is Reallly simple
Just DM(Direct Message) Us In Instagram and read our website,choose the Aircraft you want to Fly On,You Can choose up to 3 aircrafts to fly,then you are Approved! Have a Nice Day!

Firstly welcome to IFC,

I am afraid you have to be TL2 ( member ) to create a VA, and you are TL0( new user).

Also you need to get the IFVARB permission to create a new VA first, I’m sure once you are TL2 you will make a great VA !:)

Thanks for your understanding …