FlyPop A330-300 Livery

Hi all.

Let me introduce FlyPop. FlyPop is a British long haul carrier which will connect the UK to Southern Asia. FlyPop will operate a fleet of A330-300 aircraft. Operations are due to commence later this year. I would love to see this livery in IF!

One picture please.

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This is an awesome livery, some more information would be awesome and also as @barbadian said, one picture per the rules of the category found here using this link

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That’s a beautiful livery! It probably came out too late but there are still some chances to see it in 21.4!

I’m out of votes but this would surely be a great addition, as there’s no other British airline that operates the A330!

(Correct me if I’m wrong)

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Virgin Atlantic…


Oh, thanks

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No problem 😅

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HiFly Malta (flyPOP livery)

You have my vote! :D