Flyout out of KIND - @ KIND - 181900ZAUG18

Indianapolis international airport is a medium size airport in central Indiana. Also it’s a U.S hub for FedEx.
Indianapolis airport has been expanding over the year and made a historic achievement with the airport first year round transatlantic flight to Paris. Their are also many short and long haul flight for FedEx. IND averages 145 daily departures to 51 nonstop destinations for business and leisure travel. I would like this event to be as realistic as possible from gate assignments to routes. I hope for a big turnout and a fun time.

Date: August 18 2018
Time: 3:00 EST 12:00 PST
Server Expert server*
If low turnout will be moved to training server

Airlines include
Delta, United, American, Alaska, Air canada express, Froniter, Southwest, and Allegiant

Gate assignments
A3 Froniter a320 KDEN-
A4 Delta 737-900 KATL-
A5 Delta 767 LFPG-
A6 Delta a319 KSLC-
A7 Delta 737- 800 KLAX-
A8 Delta Erj-170 KMSP-
A11- Delta 757-200 KLAX-
A13- Delta 737-900 MMUN-
A15 Delta era-170 KBOS-
A10 Delta Crj-700 KLGA-
A12 Delta Crj-900 KDTW-
A14 Delta Crj-900 KJFK-
A16 Delta Crj-700 KRDU-
A17 United a320 KSFO-
A21 United Crj-700 KIAD-
A23 United Crj-900 KORD-
A25 Air Canada Crj-900 CYYZ-
A24 United 737-800 KEWR-
A22 United Erj-175 KDEN-
A20 United 737-900 KIAH
B3 Allegiant a320 KPGD-
B4 Allegiant a320 KMSY-
B5 Alaska 737-900 KSEA-
B6 American A320 KCLT-
B7 American Crj-700 KORD-
B8 American Crj-900 KLGA-
B9 American A321 KDFW-
B10 American Crj-700 KPHL-
B13 American 737-800 KLAX-
B12 American Crj-900 KDCA-
B15 American Crj-700 KJFK-
B14 American A320 KPHX-
B16 American Crj-900 KMIA
B17 Southwest 737-700 KBAL-
B20 Southwest 737-700 KMDW-
B21 Southwest 737-800 KSAN-
B22 Southwest 737-700 KTPA-
B23 Southwest 737-800 KLAS-
B24 Southwest 737-700 KMCO-
B25 Southwest 737-700 KOAK-

more gates will be added if needed


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