Flyout in India? (2)

Hey everyone! I have no idea what happened with the previous topic. I didn’t withdraw it, but it says so. Anyways, we have a clear winner in Indira Gandhi Intl. Airport for the flyout in India on the 21st of December. Stay tuned, more details to come!

Again, I can’t post it in events, don’t have the feature

Please post this in #live:events.

If you don’t have a high enough trust level, just keep liking, commenting, and reading until you do.

You could’ve said this in your poll thread you already made. No need to make another one.

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That thread didn’t allow me to. I don’t know why, it just said I can’t reply to that thread

Secondly, I just saw that it got closed

You deleted your post.

You can post under #live:groupflights if you don’t meet the trust level by the time your event is to be held. Remember that you can only post in group flights if your event is within 3 hours of posting.