Flyout event

Hi guys,

Does anyone have any tips for organising a flyout event?

Hope you are all staying safe,

Captain Haribo


Infinite Flight Community Event Tutorial

Here you go


Just read the rules of #live:groupflights or #live:events. You will be good then.

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Thank you!

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Much appreciated!

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My 2 top tips for events are below. But the link Drummer sent also gives much more!

  1. Come up with a good format :)

  2. Have the event at an airport with many routes and variety of airlines

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And you have to be TL2 to post on #live:events.

Good luck!

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How do you get TL2?

Posting positive and helpful things, and liking others posts. You can get there in no time!

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This guide will tell you how to reach TL2.

Then this link will also help you.

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Hey Captain Haribo!

I noticed lots of the information above was thrown at you all at once so let me clarify what each of those means.

To start, you are at the trust level “Basic User” this means you have some capabilities of the forum such as replying and commenting, but somethings such as creating an event are locked at this time. Getting to trust level 2 or “Member” is pretty easy! Just keep liking, commenting, and sharing posts that your fellow community members made! For more information on your trust level, user @Zhopkins linked a very useful article relating to this issue, it should help clear any confusion about the trust level issue! Check it out below:

Next, is all about creating the event. Community members Balloonchaser and InfiniteFlight17 made an awesome Community event tutorial that Drummer linked above. This tutorial lays out the types of events, styles of events, how to make an event, and all of the awesome info you need to know! Also linked below is an event I though was very well made. This can serve as inspiration for your event that you want to make so you can see what you are missing/what you may want to include.

How to make an event tutorial:

Event that is well-made for inspiration!

Events are an awesome way to connect with people all over the world. I have met some of my greatest friends through these events and I look forward to the event that you make!


Thanks a lot for the support!

It is very much appreciated and was helpful!


Captain Haribo


Oh, and also stay safe!

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