Flynas Airlines A320

Hi IF friends

Next update i would like add Flynas airlines


Added A320 into the title as that is currently the only aircraft they fly :).

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There are many airplanes joined to Flynas like A330 and embraer 170 and A321 ☺️

This is off-topic, not the place to discuss.

Here is a picture,


They currently only fly the A320:
the devs have added older liveries in the past, but only the more popular ones.

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Flynas hve new Partnership with new 5 turkish flotts.

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i think that that we need to wait a year before adding liverys to the a320 seris

Looks nice, I like it :)


How do you people bring back topics from 2 months ago? I can’t find anything from that long ago. Anyways, looks aight

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By searching before they post requests

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Searching? What’s that

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This one awesome for fying in IF for domestic flights.