Flyme2bluemoon's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

the sunrise in seattle is beautiful rn

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It is ikr Imma take a shot

I’m happy to see you are being realistic and using real time.

yes indeed … i am using live time

I have decided not to do patternwork and continue for a scenic sunrise flight.

are you coming back for a landing or no?

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Yep. Right now. I’m making a left turn.

ok enter left base rwy 16c

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do you want left traffic again?

What do you mean? Ik what left traffic means but not what you are saying.

are you doing a full stop landing. if your doing a touch and go, which direction would you like?

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Imma do a touch and go and maintain left traffic

My device did something wierd I never tuned out lol

no problem. i issue the landing clearance again.

I am doing circles overhead

It wasn’t a go around. I was intentionally high…

next time maybe say it of atc

Check my edit. I did a typo

i don’t see it.
also, will you be at fnf tonight

Wait a sec lemme check

Edit: yep time works for me…I will!