Flyme2bluemoon's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Server: Training

Airport: ICAO

Status: CLOSED

Start Time: HHMMZ

End Time: HHMMZ



I want to become an IFATC and a better ATC overall so all advice is welcome. If I’m controlling somewhere, come and fly in out or a few traffic patterns. Your support to come out and fly with me is greatly appreciated.

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Then an update in the comments will follow. If I’m controlling, be sure to put your callsign below and come join in the fun.

Probably will do some ATC tomorrow at 1400Z or 1500Z. What airport?

I was given advice to start out at an airport with parallel runways. I’d suggest KAUS, it’s not busy, and runways are long.


What about Seattle (KSEA)???

i am currently controlling ksea tower and ground. come fly some patterns. i will be open for 1hr and may extend this time if more people join


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@Cpt.TC are you replying or coming?

I was thinking of being ground for you.

Or app / dep

im ground and tower but do you want to come fly some patterns. very quiet at seattle though rn

Oh. Can’t fly as I am eating, and therefore don’t have both hands free.

ohh. maybe next time?

I can fly very soon. 10 mins possibly.

Edit: screw that I will spawn in now.

Also put IFC at the start of your name.

in the sim? i already changed my name to flyme2bluemoon

are you N406XK in a 77W

No put IFC at the start of your sim name so people will be able to spot you and know you are on the IFC

i see what you mean. what is your callsign?

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N0TC-IA is my callsign

ok i see you. will you be doing touch and go’s?

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