Flyme2bluemoon’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @


Airport: SBRJ

Status: CLOSED

Start Time: 0300Z

End Time: 0330Z

NOTAM: Departing runway AND and landing runway AND. Pattern work accepted and encouraged :)

Event : N/A

I want to become an IFATC and a better ATC overall so all advice is welcome. If I’m controlling somewhere, come and fly in out or a few traffic patterns. Your support to come out and fly with me is greatly appreciated.

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Flyme2bluemoon’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ ICAO THHMMZ

If you’re coming, be sure to put your callsign below and come join in the fun.

Finished Written Test. Doing practical very soon! Really need to practice some things

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Currently open btw :)

Ill be there - Dragon 412

@CathayJason thanks for coming. Hope you will enjoy your time :)

I’ll drop by!

kk thanks. much appreciated :)

Sorry, had to go :(

Ill be back in 2 hours though (if you’re still on)

no worries. ill see if ill still be on.

Hey! I’ll type up my comments in a few, I gotta watch the replay real quickly :) Overall, not bad!

thanks. glad you liked it. would love some comments thx in advance. your circuits were a lot tighter than i usually do mine. living on the edge? maybe im just a bit chicken.

Nah just being a lazy pilot, haha!

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haha maybe i should try that. i just can’t nail my landings if i cut it too close. i should work on it perhaps. anyways, imma let cx5852 takeoff and them im done for the day.

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It’ll take a while for me to get your comments cuz I gotta finish the dishes and drop by another persons ATC thread real quick, sorry!

eh! no worries take your time. thanks for dropping by anyways! :)

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Thanks everyone for stopping by! I had a blast. See you all soon! :)

ATC status: Closed (as of 0314Z on May 13 at least)

Hey there! Sorry for the wait, here are my comments!

  • One: I intentionally created a near-collision incident with Dragon 412 to see if you would catch it, but, alas, it wasn’t caught. Make sure to monitor aircraft closely, and give aircraft instructions (such as give way), especially when their paths are going to intersect and the aircraft are close! Sometimes pilots may not see another aircraft until it’s too late, so controllers must be proactive in monitoring situations like these. Also if you’re reading this @CathayJason, I’m sorry!
  • Two: this one is a minor one. I requested a frequency change to tower, but that wasn’t needed since I was cleared to contact tower when you gave me taxi instructions (taxi to xx, contact tower when ready). In future instances, just tell aircraft that they were already instructed to change frequency!
  • Three: no need to tell me to hold position when I requested takeoff, a simple hold short runway would be fine. I doubt a pilot would intentionally go through another aircraft unless it’s KLAX or EGLL on the training server.
  • Four: no need to keep telling me to make left or right traffic when clearing me for the option, since it is assumed that unless a runway change is requested or issued, the pilot is to continue making traffic in the instructed direction when they were cleared for takeoff. A simple cleared for the option would suffice. In the case of a runway change, you’ll need to issue traffic instructions on the first clearance but afterwards it’s not needed.
  • Five: when Cathay called inbound on the gps, you sequenced them before clearing, but since there was radar on guard when they called in, you’d just clear them as number two behind me. ILS and GPS inbound don’t require sequencing or pattern IF RADAR IS PRESENT AND CLEARS THEM FOR APPROACH FOR ILS/GPS. If there’s no radar, you will need the full shabang: pattern, sequence, clear.
  • Six: I didn’t see a need to have me extend my downwind and go behind Cathay, since my patterns were pretty tight and they were 14nm from my position. You had enough space to clear me as first and then have me extend downwind after my touch and go if needed, but I understand why you did it.
  • Seven: Good Job for telling me to avoid unnecessary reports.
  • Eight: the transition was rather high. The general rule of thumb is airport elevation + 2500 feet (jets have a pattern at 1500 feet, + 1000 feet vertical separation = 2500). So at VHHH, you’d instead approve me for transition at 2500 feet or higher (VHHH is 18ft above sea level but we can treat it as 0).
  • Nine: when I called inbound, you did a great job guiding me in with good pattern work. I would suggest clearing me for landing rather than the option for future cases, since I called for a landing (usually this means I’ll stop flying, but occasionally some folks may do a touch and go, but they’ll usually call touch and go instead of landing). However, that’s a minor thing since clearing for the option covers everything pretty much.
  • Ten: you don’t need to re-clear me to land after I declare a full stop; a simple roger would suffice.

Overall, you did pretty well! It’s mostly some minor things to pay attention to, in my opinion. Let me know if you need clarification or have further questions for me!

no prob @ToasterStroodie

im back btw @flyme2bluemoon if you’re still on

Hey everyone, open at EDDM right now. Come fly around! Pop something in the chat if you come!

CLOSED. Thanks to those who came not sure if they came from IFC tho…

Hey all, it would be much appreciated if you could drop by KSFO!