Flyme ATR 72-600

Credits: Corporate Maldives

Basic Information
Callsign: Villa Air
Hub: Maamigili Villa International Airport
Website: Flyme
Slogan: We fly you in style

About Flyme
Flyme is an airline based in the Maldives. The airline is operated by Villa Air which is a subsidiary of Villa Group. Flyme commenced operations in 1st October 2011. Flyme was rated the best domestic carrier in Maldives until it was overtaken by Manta Air.

Why we need this livery
We need this in Infinite Flight so that we can further enhance the diversity of the liveries which are available. It would open more routes within Maldives so that IFATC would also have the opportunity to open more airports in Maldives as this is a region which is currently in the shadows sadly.

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