FlyJinnah A320-200 (Sharklets) AP-BOO

Finally, A full-fledge low cost carrier has arrived into pakistan. Carrying the name FlyJinnah. The airline is named after the country’s founder, Mohammed Ali Jinnah. The newborn airline brings with itself an amazing livery!


Why vote for this?

This is a brand new start for Pakistani aviation and a great chance for the third Pakistani livery in game! Nowadays flying domestic in Pakistan can only be done with generic liveries. This will bring brand new routes into Pakistan!

What is FlyJinnah

FlyJinnah is a brand new and first proper low cost carrier in Pakistan. Made with the help of AirArabia Group and Laksons Group in Pakistan. You can find more info on the wikipedia page Here

Airblue is also low-cost lol

Airblue and others are hybrid low cost carriers. FlyJinnah proposes to be a full-fledge low cost carrier.

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While there are many much worse liveries out there, I find that they took a step back from their “template” Air Arabia when it comes to how beautiful the livery is


What do you exactly mean

I find it relatively obvious that the livery was created with Air Arabia’s branding in mind when you look at the color, name placement, winglet, and engine design. However, they failed at creating an equally beautiful, or even more beautiful, livery in my opinion.

Well, After all it is a part of AirArabia group. Although a green color and more of a pakistani taste wouldve been better.

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That’s not necessarily true. AirArna also is a daughter airline of Air Arabia and yet they managed to come up with something more different and distinguishable while not completely breaking brand with the font for example.

Youre correct. For example none of the airlines in lufthansa group copied each other. This does seem like its been inspired alot by AirArabia

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Heres how it would look😍😍