Flying YSSY-EGLL tonight!

Hello all. In recent days, I’ve done ultra-long-haul with increasing frequency, with my last stint a KJFK-YSSY nonstop run in a 787-9. 172 pax and 2,600 kgs of cargo was my payload, and 100,600kgs of fuel. I landed with about 5 mins fuel remaining, flight time of 19hrs 36 minutes.

Anyways, tonight, I am going to attempt the holy grail of ULH flying, a YSSY-EGLL nonstop run on the 777-200LR. I am taking 142 passengers, 1,900 kgs of cargo, and max fuel. The 142 pax value is to simulate an all business class flight ala SQ A340 from EWR-SIN. My callsign is ORDER66 and it will be on the casual global server. I am Grade 3, but just in case I need to make an immediate landing, I am flying on casual to avoid unnecessary violations. I will be pushing at 17:30 YSSY time tonight for anyone who wants to track me. Estimated flying time of 21 hrs based on my calculations. Livery will be Emirates. See you all out there and happy flying!

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