Flying without HUD

So recently I have tried to fly without HUD. I really struggle with depth perception in this game and landing keeping a good glide slope. Does anyone have any recommendations for flying without it. Only if you dont use HUD.

Practice makes perfect :)


I’ve done it before. But the A-10 I do the most


I have started doing this as well. The key is to get some of the bottom instruments into your panel. Unfortunately this is a bit annoying (feature idea - preset instrument items on your bottom screen that you can save / switch between).

If you put your speed, VS and wind down there, i find it makes it a lot easier. I also find myself doing a lot less adjustments with the hud off, meaning i essentially try to fly as straight as I can until i have a good visual of the runway. this way i am going to be less likely to find myself adjusting too much.

edit: once active instruments are across more aircraft, specifically a working ILS, i think it’ll greatly improve having hud turned off

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I am a pilot in real life so therefore in IF I do indeed fly without the HUD. But my biggest suggestion is if you struggle with depth perception go on a hiking trail or something and if you wear glasses take them off and hike and just do that for some time. Maybe a couple times a week. And if you don’t wear glasses or contacts close one eye. I wear glasses and had horrible depth perception when I first started flying and that’s what I did and i now have good enough depth perception to at least not crash my plane. Feel free to message me if you have any other questions with it because I have other tips as well.


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