Flying without Auto Pilot

I have in unsteady hands so it’s hard for me to keep the yoke steady…

Can anyone give me tips on how to fly without Auto Pilot


Try to keep your hands steady and ensure your device is calibrated properly…

Nothing much you can do :P

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One word: yolo

Try YOLO-ing on a F-16C or a F-22 LOL

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I usually position my iPad on my desk so I would have steadier hands.

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What do you means…

Ok I’d like to ask… Do you like “shiver” a lot?

Put your device on a desk/table and calibrate. It should stay still.

I sit at my desk and hold my iPad and I rest it on the top of my desk.


not really… I just can’t hold my iPad still for a long period of time 😔

I think maybe because it’s quite big and a tad heavy? :3

Go to settings and reduce the sensitivity to low under the General tab and see if that works.


Thanks! I got much closer to the center line!

Also, may I ask what view do you take off with and land with?

I mostly fly with the HUD view.

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