Flying without auto pilot with an approach controller.

Lately I’ve been flying on advanced and playground servers with my F-16’s and one thing I’ve noticed is how challenging it is to fly on a approach controllers pattern because the various things such as speed, altitude, bank angles and heading are to be controlled manually that can easily overwhelme a pilot and make the atc & other pilots angry. But It’s nice to break the monotony and challenge yourself for good.


Use the bearing thing,

Aslong as you are within 50 ft I’m sure controllers won’t mind. 3500 doesnt have to stay at exactly 3500.

Yes, I fully agree with you and know exactly what you mean! I was gonna make a post about this when I tried it in an F22. A low sensitivity helps, but you really have to be on top of everything. For example, you have to check your main map really quickly, othewise you might return to the cockpit view to see you’ve gradually tilted to some extreme bank angle!

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