Flying with Uncontrollable Engines!

Hey IFC!

Imagine losing the capability of controlling your engine’s thrust during flight. 😰
Seems crazy but it actually happened before. 😳

Cathay Pacific Flight 780 is a scheduled flight between Surabaya, Indonesia and Hong Kong.
This flight had the worst 30 minutes of their lifes on board after they found out that the engines Uncontrollable.

• Simulator: @infiniteflight 🎮
• Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
• Airline: Cathay Pacific 🇭🇰
• Flight: Surabaya 🇮🇩 ➡️ Hong Kong 🇭🇰
• Flight status: Emergency Landing at HKG ✔️

Here is the Video’s Link:


Very nice and realistic video! Very good job!


Thanks man! 😄


Very nice!

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Is that a simulation of a real incident?

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It’s a Real incident.

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That’s a nice video you have made there.

Kudos to those Cathay pilots for handling the situation really well.

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Yeah, they are really good pilots!