Flying with the Developers

I’m pretty sure most people have flown on the same server or airport as one of the developers. It can be such a cool experience except for when you crash or when one of the developers is the SoCal departure ATC for KLAX and he doesn’t want to give you permission for a climb to 20,000 feet. Comment on your experiences flying with “the guys in charge”.

Well I was tailing matt on The SoCal region before at about 16,000 feet.

I haven’t flown with a dev. yet. Controlled them many times though ;) :)

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I never noticed a Developer in Infinite Flight Live.
Maybe it’s due the time shift (they’re at the U.S. West coast, I’m in Europe), or maybe because I have user names switched off :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in Asia too, I have seen them in late nights. And probably they will be flying in morning but I don’t wake up in the morning ;) :joy:

I’ve never flown with any but have been at the same airport and 3 times i have controlled them at different airports.

I was in KLAX, I saw Matt, his aircraft name was flashing different colour. Is this always the case? That means you can find him miles away.

Yep, the developer’s names are all colored blue.

I thought they would be flying like everyone else to get some feed back😀. Maybe they have fake account for that. They can afford $49.99😜

Well if they pay $49.99 for live, they would basically be transferring $49.99 from their personal bank accounts to the IF bank account so yeah they could afford it :joy:.

@Boeing707 I think they are happy to ride as freebie at the moment. Transferring money is hustle.😆

haven’t seen em or controlled em yet

Yeh they should do event “Dev’s Day” take over airport do some controlling, so they can see how IF community pilots roll in the jumbo jets.

I’ve flown with Matt and David a few times it’s fun if you can keep up