Flying with the boss!

Just finished my landing in to Dubai Intl. For the first time ever I got to fly with the boss and I was second behind her for the approach and landing so no pressure! @



Hey man, nice spotting but by the rules of the forum, u cant have flight info in the screenshot.

This means no HUD, bars, texts and tags :)

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That seems like a great oppurtunity and lots of pressure, but well executed, but unfortunately you need to comply with #screenshots-and-videos rules if you’re going to post here.

That meaning:

  • Flight Info.
  • No HUD.
  • A caption for the image.

Please see the link above for a better understanding.

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People like fanning of Laura, lol

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Oops sorry! Didn’t realise, my bad.

100%! Don’t you think it’s cool?!

That’s alright go ahead and change it now. 😊

No, I really don’t…

Check out highlighted post above