Flying With Porter

Tried Flying out of today’s Canada to France long haul and short haul which I’ve gotten headwinds up northwest Canada with the Dash 8 which was pretty slow but enjoyable anyway


De Haviland Canada Dash 8-400 (Porter Airlines)

Blasting out of its short runway of Billy Bishop

Exiting Toronto while climbing to FL250

Turning over it’s clouds in scenery (literally)

Entering Michigan with its lakes coming in

Going smooth with headwinds begin to wear down

Descending into our destination

Going on Final

Light crosswinds into our runway

Greased the landing

Oh yea used Adobe Lightroom for smooth editing


I like your editing style! Well done!

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What a beautiful livery and route ;)

@Misterbutler would be proud hehe


oh yea the headwinds were strong since it was near new york when the weather was windy

It is truly hard to grease the landing in a q-400.

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Nice pictures! Like @ShaneAviation said, your editing styles are very nice!

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@ShaneAviation thanks! im glad you liked them
@Charlieab29 yep its also real from what ive checked
@juan_tavares kind of agree but ive liked flared smoothly or right on time
@yoshi_flyer Thanks!

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Very nice! Looks like a very underrated airline if I may say so myself…

Marc approves of your pictures congrats


Awesome photos mate!

How so? 😂

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he liked the topic

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Ahhh, understood


Porter is my baby ♥️ Love seeing it represented. Nice photos!

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@Rian_OShea yea even I use it on short Canadian flights that aren’t WestJet or air canada
@Vinne Marc usually likes my photos sometimes if there fancy
@RFlying thanks! Gotta love underrated airlines

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Great pictures, keep up the great work!

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Thanks a lot

The dash 8 shouldn’t be slow

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I personally cruised around FL250 and Cruise knots around 230kts and winds were like 20-40 knots

Pretty close to ISC, I normally cruise HSC, about 5-10kias below VMO

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Heyyy…this is epic quality stuff. I do enjoy the YTZ - YAM flight a lot too!

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Cool mate (10 chars)