Flying with one the best ATC APP

Hello IFC,
I noticed lots of things has been changed everytime the update comes. Like a350- which is amazingly awesome, detailed and glass cockpit, camera views with two pilots in the cockpit and gear tilt which is I love it. Not actually a fan of airbus but i like a350.
Secondly some ATC command instructions have been added also to help both ATC’s and pilots to communicate correctly. Also the progressive taxi, is also very helpful. I really Thank you all the staff for the hard work they put in to it.
Anyways, I just want to say that its been awhile since I flew with some ATC, because I only fly on not so crowded airspace. And here is my point, when I started IF and fly with ATC, there is one APP for me that I like to play with. For me He is One of the Best of The Best Approach controller I’ve ever met.
I remember the times that when we dont have a global yet and used to fly only region by region. I took off from WSSS headez to WKMK( i dont know if its the right code- Kuala Lumpur) and he was the Approach that time. Right after I contacted App, request for FF to Kuala Lumpur, and yes he actually guided me all the way to Kuala Lumpur. With outbound and inbound traffic. I looked up my radar, just a nice Approach path, beautiful lovely. Nice to See you again GHamsz. You are the Best mate! Shout out! 🙂


@GHamsz check this out! :)


Awesome story 👏
Great job @GHamsz!

And Kuala Lumpur is WMKK :)


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