Flying With One Eye and the Help of Infinite Flight

Hello again community!! I am here to talk about something not many people know about mean, if anyone at all. My dream is to be a commercial pilot, but there is something in my way. I have Glaucoma, Nystagmus, and Aphakia… if you don’t know what these are, feel free to look it up, since this is a flight simulator forum I am not going to go into detail. With that being said, my left eye is blind! This mean is can not become a commercial pilot, but that still does not stop me from flying… I am a student pilot IRL flying the Cessna 172 G1000 earning hours towards my PPL. Since the FFA allows pilots with only one eye to be able to fly, that’s what I will qualify for. You may ask, where does IF come in? Well, IF helps me enjoy what I love doing without having any limits. I am able to be a “Commercial Pilot” with IF. This was just a post kinda to tell about my eye problems and how I still don’t let them stop me. Im not sure if this should be in another category (Mods don’t get mad if it is LOL). But my main purpose is to say this. If you have a disability, problem, or anything, don’t stop chasing your dreams, but keep working towards those dreams. Don’t let anything stop you.

see you in the skies!!


What a great story. Nothing will stop you from achieving your dream, if you try harder. Keep going. I hope you the best in you future. Never stop.


This reminds me of another post, but the user was using IF as some form of therapy/recovery method

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Never give up! Dream Big(ger). 🙏🏾

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This is such a nice story!
Thanks for shaing this with us ;)


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