Flying with NetJets

Usually people still to this go for commercial and I’ve pretty much know netjets and it’s fleet so the only one we have with NetJets is C750 and we know we could do something going into new places with a private jet and off we go!


Cessna C750 Citation X

Parked with @Ecoops123 in the Xcub

Steep takeoff out of Buffalo and bound for North Carolina

People saying the 717 is the only old plane with a cabin but nobody’s talking about the C750s

Final approach towards Elizabeth City and with some unexpected winds

Not a good landing actually I accidentally floated

Parking…only for today after a bit of a short flight


Nice photos!

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It’s forgotten…sadly

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Paging @ToasterStroodie!

Great photos! 🙌


Awesome photos! I’m glad you stopped by my ATC Session! Hope you enjoyed your flight!


Glad to see others enjoying the Citation. Really nice photos @GameBoy_KIRB, thanks for sharing them!


nice photoes

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Same I actually flown a lot of the Citation lately as private or with NetJets

Stunning photos! Also is it me, or is the nose gear hovering?

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Wow! Didn’t notice that before!

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It is. Older models tend to have this issue (i.e., the Cessna Citation X, Boeing 717-200, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 787-8/9/10, etc.).

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wait they do also?? How come I didnt noticed any of this

Yes. It’s minimal, though.


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Oh basically hard to notice yea

Hey! My dad flies latitudes for Netjets! We should try to get a remodel of it