Flying with joystick via raspberry pi

Recently i’ve noticed in Laura’s, instagram a post of using a raspberry pi to enable use of a joystick with the game. I love the idea to be able to use a joystick to make the game one extra step more realistic towards flying in the real world (to an extent). What software or code would you have to do to make that work. If this helps I’ve got a raspberry pi b+. Thanks for all the help and happy flying!!

Basically this is the thing I’m talking about.

You can use a joystick now though without the PI ;)

It’s a work in progress/concept. Nothing is known except that the Raspberry seems to be running Windows IoT Core.

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Ok, hopefully at one point we will be able to get info on how to set that up on the pi

I’m pretty sure we will :)

If this succeeds the PI will be in my bag of goodies for road trips and travel for work 😜

My iMac isn’t real keen on traveling!

Ok that’s great to know then, but hopefully if this topic draws Laura’s attention, she may be able to draw some light on how to do so - at least some point in the future.

My CH Pro Pedals are still waiting for IF …

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