Flying with high graphics?

Hello! I am having massive issues with my app crashing on final and am starting to loose hope. Is there anyone who is actually able to run high graphics settings and if so, how did you get hold of a NASA computer? Jokes aside I'm desperate to see what sort of devices you guys are using and if regular crashes are happening to anyone else.

I have an iPad Mini 4, with nothing but Gmail, IF, and Netflix on it (I deleted 1000 photos in the hope it would stop the app from crashing) have medium settings and restart my device before every flight. Help.


I use high graphics. My only issue is that my phone gets hot and sometimes the app is unresponsive when opening. However, I do not have any performance issues. Good Game!

Device: Motorola One 5G Ace

Im using a 10th gen iPad Pro and it runs smoothly on maxed out graphics, can’t remember the last time it crashed

I had an iPad Mini 4 about 2-3 years ago until I upgraded to an iPad Air 4.

With the Mini, I used to be able to fly with any aircraft except the A350 without crashing the game. However, as it got closer to my upgrade, I had to lower all my settings to Medium, as it was too laggy at points. So unfortunately, you do have to lower your settings on the Mini.

However, the iPad Air 4 can run IF very smoothly - maximum settings anywhere and no lag at all. So there you go, that’s a device that can run IF with good graphics I guess 🤷‍♂️

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