Flying with Gordon {Seattle KSEA Pt. 2}

DL 305 (BOS-SEA) {FO}
6hrs 19mins
Boeing 737-800
Captain J. Gordon

Hey fam!! Today, I flew from Boston over to Seattle. It was a pretty uneventful flight, but it went a lot smoother than expected. There was turbulence most of the flight, but I still managed to be precise during phases of the flight that required me to be, in contrast to my flight from Seattle to Boston. The takeoff and landing were both smooth and I really enjoyed this flight. Anyway, y’all be safe and I’ll see you in the skies 😊

  1. LiveFlight tracking

  1. Preparing for departure at gate A3

  1. Rotating off of runway 22R for Seattle!!

  1. Flying South of CYYZ aka Toronto!! 🇨🇦

  1. Flying North of Bozeman, Montana!!

  1. Flying by Lake Chelan with views of the Okanogan National Forest 🤩

  1. Final approach onto Seattle’s runway 34L

  1. Touchdown!! Our “First Officer” made a very smooth landing in Seattle this morning. In fact he got us to Seattle about 35 minutes early!!

  1. Shutting down the engines at gate B3

  1. LiveFlight approach; A big thanks to @Captfoster for being such a big help during my taxi to the gate at KSEA!! I’ve had many controllers who report you for wanting to take your own routes or for wanting to taxi to specific/realistic runways, but @Captfoster was pretty cool about letting me taxi how I wanted to taxi to my gate!! Thanks man ✊🏾😁

Nice! I love this route and I love BOS Airport. Hope they make it 3D soon.

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Great photos as always @JGordon!

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Very nice pics. Also, I have my game for ANA B77W takeoff 34R Runway leave from Seattle to Tokyo over the North Pacific Ocean. I saw my phone these for your game Delta arrive KSEA/SEA, too.


@Captain_T_Malone I do too!! Any change I get to fly into Boston, I take it. I’ll definitely be back within the next month or so

@Ty_Davis Thank you man ✊🏾😁

@amaryahjohnson1996 That sounds like a long flight lol. I hope you have a greasy landing 😊


If you haven’t…. 👇🏾

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Yes, Thank you!

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Let’s hope Delta recognise this “First Officer” congratulations

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Lol. I deserve recognition first for all those greasy landings 😂

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