Flying with Gordon Pt. 68

DL 1693 (STX-ATL)
4hrs 10mins
Boeing 737-800
Captain J. Gordon

Today, I returned to Atlanta from St. Croix!! On this leg, the “first officer” was at the controls because I recently learned that the Captain doesn’t do both legs of the flight. With that being said, for my return legs home, I will switch the camera to first officer mode!! Flying in first officer mode is a little challenging because it’s not what I’m used to. The view is different which causes me to be distracted a little. I still do pretty good as far as controlling, but I’d prefer the Captain seat. The “first officer” greased the landing. “He” had a better landing in Atlanta than I did in St. Croix. A lesson from that is, try to overcome obstacles and challenges. Try not to be scared of unfamiliar things, even though it’s kind of natural. Anyway, I hope you all had a very great day. As always, I’ll see you in the skies!!

  1. LiveFlight tracking

  1. Preparing for departure in St. Croix!!

  1. Rotating off of STX’s runway 10

  1. Climbing out of St. Croix with St. Thomas in the background. Views from main cabin

  1. Flying just past Puerto Rico. I haven’t done a flight to SJU in a while 🤔 Views from first class

  1. Right downwind into Atlanta!! Views from main cabin

  1. Final approach onto ATL’s runway 9R

  1. Touchdown!! Very greasy landing done by our “first officer” this evening. Then, the Captain had to slow the plane down in time for runway turnoff

  1. Shutting down the engines at ATL’s gate T2

  1. LiveFlight approach

Nice pictures and cool your doing multible flgiht views both from Captian and First Officer. Also you got anything special for pt 69? ;) (Joke)


😂😂😂😂 I see someone has jokes


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Nice shots!


Thank you. ✊🏾😁