Flying with Gordon Pt. 64

DL 1869 (ATL-PLS) | DL 1872 (PLS-ATL)
9:45am-12:35pm | 1:55pm-5:07pm
2hrs 50mins | 3hrs 12mins
Boeing 737-900er
Captain J. Gordon

I want to start off by saying, @Pingu this is for you!! This flight was specifically requested and I’m glad that I chose to go through with the request!! Beautiful views and great scenery. I highly recommend this destination. It’s not the easiest to get into since there’s no NAV approach with a glide slope, but it makes it a challenge which means fun. I was greeted by a couple of other airlines going to their various destinations which I wasn’t expecting. The most intense part was that during the landing, there was traffic on final while I was back taxiing on the runway. I was told to expedite and I had just barely made it off the taxiway in time. Not gonna say too much, but I hope you all had an amazing day. As always, I’ll see you in the skies!! 😊

  1. LiveFlight tracking (ATL-PLS)

  1. Preparing for departure at ATL’s gate F9

  1. Parallel departure out of Atlanta!!

  1. Final approach onto PLS’ runway 10

  1. Shutting down at gate 4 after the intense taxi to the gate

  1. LiveFlight tracking (PLS-ATL)

  1. Preparing for departure at PLS’ gate 4

  1. Rotating off of runway 10 for our journey back to Atlanta

  1. Final approach onto ATL’s runway 27L

  1. Shutting down the engines at ATL’s gate F3

The coolest part about the flight is that there was a 12kt crosswind during both landings!!


Great pics as always!

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Amazing shots @JGordon!

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Thank you ✊🏾

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Thank you 😊

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