Flying with Gordon Pt. 62

DL 1955 (JFK-MBJ)
4hrs 3mins
Boeing 737-900er
Captain J. Gordon

Today, I flew from New York’s JFK to Montego Bay, Jamaica!!! Let me start off by saying from pushback to parking at the gate, this flight was nothing short of amazing!! The takeoff was incredibly smooth despite the 22kt crosswind. The plane handled the turbulence very well today. Lastly, the landing was super smooth with the 20kt crosswind 😎👨🏾‍✈️ I am very glad to see how much I’ve progressed since I’ve been flying. At a point in time, I wouldn’t even fly if the winds were too high because i didn’t know how to handle them. Now, I look forward to having the high winds just so that I can have a challenge. Anyway, my day was great and I hope you all can say the same. Until next time fam, see you in the skies 😊

  1. LiveFlight tracking

  1. Preparing for departure at JFK’s gate B36

  1. Rotating off of runway 31L. Very windy morning in New York

  1. Climbing out of New York and starting our long journey to the Caribbean

  1. Flying over the beautiful Bahamas!! Views from first class

  1. Descending into Montego Bay with views of the airport in the distance. Views from main cabin

  1. Final approach onto MBJ’s runway 7

  1. Touchdown!!! Very greasy landing

  1. Shutting down the engines at MBJ’s gate 19

  1. LiveFlight approach. The approach was very fun today as I had to hand-fly on the way in due to the VERY sharp turn on the flight plan

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Awesome pics!!

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Nice shots!

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Great photos! That MBJ approach with the turn onto final is very sharp. Done it in real life on MD-88 and A321.

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I’m sure that was beautiful to witness

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