Flying with Gordon Pt. 61

DL 429 (ATL-JFK)
3:10pm-5:26pm (+10min Delay)
2hrs 16mins
Boeing 737-800
Captain J. Gordon

Today, I flew to New York’s JFK international airport in preparation for my flight tomorrow. Stay tuned… As you see in the details, there was a 10 minute delay and on top of that, a 7 minute taxi to the runway (9L from the F concourse. If you know KATL you know that distance) Despite the delay, I arrived at the gate about 4 minutes before we were scheduled to arrive. The landing was pretty smooth however, the only thing I didn’t like was that I had the nose a little high 😬 If I pulled back anymore, I probably would have a tailstrike. Also, I can’t just blame myself… JFK had a headwind of 23/28kts. It was pretty windy and I probably should’ve used flaps 40° instead of 30°. Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful day and as always, I’ll see you in the skies 😊

  1. LiveFlight tracking

  1. Preparing for departure at ATL’s gate F8

  1. Trying something different 😎

  1. Regular shmegular photo of me rotating off of runway 9L

  1. Flying over Norfolk, Virginia which is DEFINITELY on my wishlist of destinations. Views from main cabin

  1. Almost there 😁 Views from first class

  1. Final approach onto JFK’s runway 31L. Very windy day at JFK

  1. Aaaaaaaaaannnddd touchdown!!!

  1. Shutting down the engines at JFK’s gate B25

  1. LiveFlight approach

That’s a very interesting angle for sure, as if captured by an overhead helicopter or something alike!
Sounds like you mitigated the challenging wind conditions well :)

Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

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That “something different” is really cool.

Overall, nice photos!

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Thank you more 😊

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Nice pictures as always, Gordon!

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I appreciate that ✊🏾😊

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Thank you ✊🏾😊

I have a question what is that app in the first photo?

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Okay thanks!

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Good stuff. 👍

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Thank you ✊🏾

It definitely was. About 20 knots of wind and I actually did feel the wind I live in NYC near LGA

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I’m sad I’m not this good 😔

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Yeah, it was pretty intense!!

We can fix that…