Flying with Gordon Pt. 6

DL 797 (ATL-SFO)
5hrs 0mins
Boeing 737-900er

Today, I had an amazing flight. I flew from Atlanta to San Francisco and I finally had a flight to San Francisco that was perfect!! Surprisingly, there were a lot of planes flying in and out of SFO today. Usually, there’s only me and maybe 2 other people. I was glad to see SFO getting some action today. I would say that it was probably too much action as I had to sit on the taxiway due to passing traffic 😂 and it was a little “glitchy”. Other than that, today’s flight was very amazing. If I seen you or you seen me, be sure to let me know. Anyways, catch me on the training server as “Captain Gordon”. Come fly with me!! Y’all have a good week and make sure that you keep God close to you.


I love this series of topics 😍

I like people that are motivated.


Thank you. I try my best!!

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