Flying with Gordon Pt. 47

DL 1154 (ATL-DTW) | DL 1120 (DTW-BOS)
9:45am-11:34am | 12:30pm-2:10pm
1hr 49mins | 1hr 40mins
Boeing 737-900er
Captain J. Gordon

Today, I was FINALLY able to do a flight to Boston!! I have been wanting to fly into Boston for the longest, and I was finally able to do so on today. I flew from Atlanta to Detroit, then from Detroit to Boston. Let me tell you, this has been the most challenging flying day that I’ve ever had. Upon arrival into Detroit, not only did we have 2SM of visibility, but we had a crosswind of 15kts with a 24kt gust. It was a very challenging approach but I got it done smoothly 😎👨🏾‍✈️ On the way out of Detroit, the winds were still at 15kts with a 24kt gust (I’m glad I did a crosswind takeoff practice before the flight 😂) The only thing I didn’t like about this takeoff was that I was a little off the centerline but that’s usual for a strong crosswind takeoff. Upon arrival into Boston, I had 2 or 3 statute miles of visibility and a slight crosswind. The landing was very smooth to my surprise (I had 40° of flaps) what stressed me out was the 0sm of visibility once I landed 🤦🏾‍♂️ Taxiing with no visibility is one the hardest, most stressful things ever. Especially when it’s an airport you’re not familiar with. Other than the visibility and winds, these were pretty good flights. I like a little bit of a challenge, but I don’t want one like this for a while 😂 Anyway, y’all have an amazing day and I’ll see you in the skies!!

  1. LiveFlight tracking (ATL-DTW)

  1. Preparing for departure at ATL’s gate A27

  1. Rotating off of runway 8R

  1. Windy final approach onto runway 21L

  1. Shutting down the engines at DTW’s gate A10

  1. LiveFlight tracking (DTW-BOS)

  1. Preparing for departure at DTW’s gate A28

  1. Rotating off of runway 22R

  1. Final approach onto runway 4R

  1. Shutting down the engines at BOS’s gate A5

Let’s hope the next 50 are with the 757 lol

Great photos btw


Stay tuned to find out…

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Of course I will 😀

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Nice photos Gordon!

It looks like they fixed the runway from when I landed in Boston last time. I don’t want to talk about that landing. 😂


😂😂 you gotta tell me, now.

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Very nice photos you have, I do the same routine as you

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I was in the 737-700, and I packed some extra fuel for the flight. But the headwind wasn’t as strong as I thought so I had over an hour left of fuel. Add that to the 36kt crosswind I had, and you get a horrible combination. Used too much rudder on landing so my engine hit the runway after a really hard landing.

Don’t do what I did.


Yikes… that sounds terrible 😬 the fuel thing usually doesn’t effect me because I always take an extra hour and a half. I’ve learned that 737’s shouldn’t try to beat a crosswind over 30kts. Not by experience but by research. If I were you, I would’ve just went around 😂

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Thank you, and welcome to the team!!

Yeah well I packed way more than 1.5 hours which I didn’t mean to. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Lesson learned lol.

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I love these flights. Amazing job Gordon!!

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Lol agreed

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Thank you 😊

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#boeing737 #900er

Nice photos @JGordon! I just in fact landed in Boston with an AA 738 from my PHL event. Looks exactly the same as it was when you arrived there

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It’s sad you will only make 3 more, I wish you could’ve gone to 100 :)

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Stay tuned…

It was pretty ugly out there 😂

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oooooooooooh mama

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