Flying with Gordon Pt. 39

DL 784 (ONT-ATL)
3hrs 58mins
Boeing 737-900er
Captain J. Gordon

Today, I flew home (Atlanta) from Ontario, California!! This flight went pretty well. The winds did NOT cooperate with me on this flight though 😂 it was very turbulent and windy the WHOLE flight 🤦🏾‍♂️ The coolest part of the flight is that we took off on runway 26R and landed on runway 26R. Of course, I greased the landing in Atlanta😎👨🏾‍✈️ I didn’t too much care for the takeoff because when I pressed the ALT a/p selector, the plane’s nose dropped then lifted back up quickly. As I said before, the smallest things make me not want to fly anymore 😂 On departure, we made a sharp turn to the left to avoid interfering with California’s many different airspaces. Especially LAX since ONT is right behind LAX. Btw, I love doing the sharp left turns on departure!! It adds some fun into the flight. Anyway, I hope you all had and great day and I’ll see you in the skies!!

  1. LiveFlight Tracking

  1. Preparing for departure at ONT’s gate 209

  1. Climbing out of ONT. Taking off from runway 26R

  1. Flying over Oklahoma

  1. Main cabin views of Arkansas

  1. Turning over Memphis, TN. Views from first class

  1. Final approach on 26R

  1. Slowing down on ATL’s 26R after a gentle landing

  1. Shutting down at gate A26 at ATL’s concourse A. Featuring a Delta A321 (DL725) preparing for departure to Tucson, Arizona.

  1. LiveFlight approach. Right downwind onto 26R

This is my favorite. Oklahoma is an underrated state.


Very!! I had a great flight to OKC a while back

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Another great Flying with Gordon! Can’t wait for the PANC one!

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That should be here by the end of the week!!

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#boeing737 #900er

Nice pics!

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Thank you 😁

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Ah yes gotta love climbing out and the nose dropping to negative fpm when you set a/p :)

Nice pictures still looking forward to that Christmas landing compilation ;)

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I hate it 🤬 But, thank you 😁 I’ll start putting the compilation together once I’m done with the “Flying with Gordon” series, which is not too much further away. I’d say it’ll be over in 2 weeks or less.

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Haha fr, can’t wait!

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