Flying with Gordon Pt. 3

DL 1374 (ATL-DEN) | DL 859 (DEN-MSP)
11:11am-12:15pm | 1:45pm-4:33pm
3hrs 4mins | 1hr 48mins
Boeing 737-900er

I’ll keep it short and simple… I had an amazing day flying from Atlanta to Denver then Denver to Minneapolis!! Turbulence was calm but not calm enough to turn off the seatbelt sign. Both landings were GREASED as usual 😁 and that’s all there is to it. Y’all have a good evening. See ya tomorrow. Btw, I flew by a lot of people today, so if I seen you or you seen me let me know.


Thank you for flying realistically into MSP! Always enjoy seeing your topics!

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Hey there!

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Don’t start with me. I didn’t mean to add that one with MSP-SLC on it. I clicked it by mistake. It’s gone now