Flying with Gordon Pt. 19

DL 1705 (ATL-BDL) | DL 1705 (BDL-ATL)
10:30am-12:44pm | 1:59pm-4:25pm
2hrs 14mins | 2hrs 26mins
Boeing 737-800
Captain J. Gordon

Today, I flew to my hometown!! I flew from Atlanta to Hartford, CT and back to Atlanta. Today was such a good day 😁 both of the flights went extremely well. As I said before, the 738 handles turbulence waaaayyy better than the 739. We took off from KATL’s 9L and landed on KBDL’s 24 after making a left downwind. I never really payed attention to how challenging BDL’s approach is. When I ride the plane to BDL, it seems like a very smooth ride. Flying to BDL myself, shows how good the pilots are at their job because that was intense 😂 Anyway, catch me on the training server as “Captain Gordon”. Come fly with me!! Y’all have a great week 👨🏾‍✈️😎 #homebound #737 #pilot


Nice photos! :)

Do you live in the 404 by any chance? I’ve been seeing these and thinking maybe you live here in the ATL.


I do!! I stay in the Loganville area

Oh! I live in Lawrenceville :)

pretty close tbh

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Wow, it is!!

BDL is my home airport! Nice flight and good job parking at the delta gates at BDL 😉

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Looks like we have something in common 😁

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