Flying with Gordon Pt. 15

DL 720 (DTW-SFO)
5hrs 7mins
Boeing 737-900er
Captain J. Gordon

Today, I flew the amazing 739 from Detroit to San Francisco. Today’s flight was actually very good!! We experienced some very high winds, but the plane handled them beautifully. The highest wind that we had was a 111kt crosswind but we flew very smoothly. On the other hand, the 94kt crosswind pushed us around quite a bit forcing us to climb from FL360 to FL380. As shown in the pictures, there was a Delta CRJ-200 pushing back as I took of from DTW. Also, there was an Air Canada 772 landing behind me on 28L at SFO!! It was cool to have a somewhat parallel landing. Most people try to land on the same runway as you and they end up going through you 🙄. Anyway, not gonna do too much talking because I’m sleepy 😂 I wish y’all an amazing flying week and I’ll see you in the skies. Catch me on the training server as “Captain Gordon”. Come fly with me!! 👨🏾‍✈️😎


Great pics, IRL once we had a 133KT tailwind.


Oh my!! That’s intense

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It actually wasn’t that bad of turbulence, we arrived 45 min early!

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Impressive. It seems like the strong tailwinds that I have push us around quite a bit. I haven’t payed attention to the timing due to tailwinds though. Maybe I should 😬

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