Flying with Gordon Pt. 12

DL 573 (LAX-MEX) | DL 366 (MEX-ATL)
7:00am-12:45pm | 1:40pm-5:59pm
3hrs 45mins | 3hrs 19mins
Boeing 737-800

Today’s long journey included two legs; Los Angeles to Mexico City, then Mexico City to Atlanta!! Today, was a very long day. (I fell asleep for about an hour) The good thing is that today’s flights were VERY smooth. I honestly think that the 738 handles turbulence better than the 739. I don’t know if it’s about the winglets or what, but the 738 handled the turbulence that we had quite well!! Anyways, the landing in Mexico City was different. I had to handfly for a while to navigate the mountains just behind the airport. So, we came in pretty low. I only cleared the mountains by 2,100 ft 😬 ( I cut it close). Upon arrival in Mexico City, there was an Aeromexico 772 that was preparing to depart to God knows where. In Atlanta, there was a Delta A359 lined up and waiting which took off before I crossed 27 right. As I said, extremely smooth landing and an overall great day!! Y’all know where to find me. Come fly with me!! Have a blessed day


Do you fly like every second of every day? 😜

Just kidding, lol. Nice photos!


Might as well, huh😂 Seriously though, I try to get in the air everyday. Especially with us being back in school, I maximize my flying time. I follow the 9 hour rule for pilots though. I have never flown for more than 9 hours in one day. But just to add to the school thing, I try to fly short flights during the week days (Atlanta to Raleigh) and I do the longer flights on the weekend (Atlanta to San Francisco)

I think it’s awesome how you fly as if your a real life pilot! One question though, do you ever get bored of flying the same livery on the same plane all the time?

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Not at all!! I fly different/interesting routes every time so it never gets old to me. I try not to repeat destinations but if I do, it’s because I want to get better at flying into that airport or because I like being spotted in a high traffic airport such as LAX 😂

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