Flying with Gordon Pt. 11

DL 514 (BNA-LAX)
4hrs 20 mins
Boeing 737-800

Today, I flew from Nashville to Los Angeles!! I’ve been wanting to fly to Los Angeles for a while now. I haven’t been able to do a direct flight from Atlanta because the virus took the 739 off of the evening flight to LAX a few months ago 😢 Today was a very great flying day. There was little to no turbulence the whole flight!! Landing was greased even though we floated for a second or two and there wasn’t too much traffic on final. Anyways, y’all have an amazing night. Catch me on the training server as “Captain Gordon”. Come fly with me!!


Hey! Great pictures!

Can I ask why you fly all these on the training server?

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Thank you ✊🏾

Yay flying with Gordon 11! ✊🏾 Can I join you on another one?

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We can put something together. I’ll get with you about a flight after my flight. Be looking out for a message