Flying with Gordon {Panamá City MPTO}

DL 1811 (ATL-PTY) {CA}
10:00am-1:10pm (Delayed 11 mins)
4hrs 10mins
Boeing 737-900er
Captain J. Gordon

Hey fam!! Today, I flew down to Panamá City, Panamá!! This has been my best flights in a very long time. I made little to no mistakes during the flight, the winds/turbulence were calm enough for me to turn the seatbelt sign off, and my takeoff and landing were precise!! The landing was slightly rough since we were pretty heavy AND we had to land with full flaps due to the length of the runway used. Also, the actual flight didn’t takeoff until 14 minutes after I did, so I was just a little bit earlier than the real flight and I landed on a different runway from the real flight (I landed on 3R and the real flight landed on 3L). Other than that, it was a great flight and I’m looking forward to the return flight tomorrow and for the flights to come this week 😉

  1. LiveFlight tracking

  1. Preparing for our flight down to Panamá at gate E30

  1. Pushback and engine start… I followed a real-world Delta procedure and taxied on one engine

  1. I executed a nice and smooth departure out of Atlanta via runway 27R

  1. Turning slightly South of Key West, FL. What a pretty day for flying 🤩

  1. Right downwind traffic pattern into Panamá with views from main cabin

  1. On final for runway 3R. I came in low and slow!!

  1. Touchdown!!! It was a rather firm landing as we were a little heavy as said before

  1. Shutting down the engines and deplaning at gate 203. Next step, explore Panamá!!!

  1. Here’s what our approach looked like this afternoon. Via LiveFlight

Beautiful shots

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Thank you!! I’ve been trying to do something different and give some more exciting views

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Great route choice! I flew this route some months ago when I returned home from Missouri. Surely the approach to the airport is one of the beautiful sights I’ve seen. 😍



^^^ this

Beautiful shots Gordon! I flew to Panama some years ago when going to Cordoba. The approach is so beautiful. Hope to visit this city in depth soon.


Wow, what a beautiful view 🤩

I hope to one day actually fly to it!!

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