Flying with Gordon {Houston KIAH}

DL 2859 (ATL-IAH) {CA} | DL 1113 (IAH-ATL) {FO}
11:30am-12:27pm | 2:00pm-5:06pm
1hr 57mins | 2hrs 6mins
Boeing 737-900er
Captain J. Gordon

Hey fam!! I am proud to announce that Delta has finally shown some love to the 737. The 737 is getting so much love (fun routes), one of them being ATL-IAH. So, over the summer, I’ll be flying on some of these fun routes!! Anyway, my flights went extremely well even though I haven’t flown in quite some time. I had a few hiccups as expected, but for the most part I had a good flight. We flew over a big thunderstorm during both legs which caused the flights to be slightly turbulent. As for the landings, both landings were extremely smooth. The 739 is a little bit challenging to land in contrast to the 738 especially in high winds. Anyway, I had a good day and I’ll have more cool routes to come!! Until then, safe flying 😊

  1. LiveFlight tracking (ATL-IAH)

  1. Taking off from ATL’s runway 8R

  1. Crossing the Mississippi/Louisiana border

  1. Final approach onto IAH’s runway 26L

  1. Shutting down the engines at gate A15

  1. LiveFlight tracking (IAH-ATL)

  1. Rotating off of runway 15L. Following the takeoff, we made a super sharp turn for the east around and over the airport. It was pretty fun!!

  1. In reference to the picture 7, here’s what the sharp turn for the Northeast looked like!!

  1. Final approach onto ATL’s runway 8L

  1. Shutting down the engines at gate B7. Day 1 back in the office was a success 😎👨🏾‍✈️

That looks like a fun flight! I recently flew into IAH and it was a lot of fun!

Glad to see your back flying with the series!

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It was indeed a very fun flight!! The approaches were very windy/turbulent today which made for a lot of fun. Also, I’m glad to be back!!

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Wait a minute… gordan is back?

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I sure am!!

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