Flying with Gordon {Cincinnati KCVG, Orlando MCO}

DL 2003 (ATL-CVG) {FO} | DL 1060 (CVG-MCO) {CA} | DL 1060 (MCO-CVG) {FO}
11:01am-12:27pm | 1:27pm-3:41pm | 4:36pm-6:50pm
1hr 26mins | 2hrs 14mins | 2hrs 14mins
Boeing 737-800
Captain J. Gordon

Well, as you can see, this has been an extremely long day 😂😂 THREE FLIGHTS!!! Today was a very good day despite flying all day long. I flew for almost 9 hours today 😰 but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. All three flights went extremely well and the landings were pretty nice. We had one greaser and that was during the “first officer’s” leg from MCO to CVG. After we ended the day in CVG, we immediately went out for dinner at Outback Steakhouse and I didn’t get home until maybe 40 minutes ago 🙄. I say that to say, I’m tired 😂 With that being said, y’all be safe and I’ll see you in the skies 😊✊🏾

  1. LiveFlight tracking (ATL-CVG)

  1. Rotating off of runway 8R

  1. Final approach for CVG’s runway 18L

  1. LiveFlight tracking (CVG-MCO)

  1. Departing CVG via runway 18L after making a sharp turn towards the Southeast

  1. Final approach onto MCO’s runway 18R. My landing was pretty gentle, but I wouldn’t call it a greaser 🤷🏾‍♂️

  1. LiveFlight tracking (MCO-CVG) AKA last leg 🤪

  1. The “first officer” gave us a nice ride out of Orlando after taking off from runway 18L (which was also the departure runway from CVG, where we also made a turn towards the Southeast)

  1. Final approach onto CVG’s runway 18L. The “first officer” greased this landing 👍🏾

  1. FINALLY shutting down those hardworking engines that flew us all day!! 😅

That is a lot of flying and you got some good pictures out of it too.
Your dedication to your series is inspiring!

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Thank you!! I appreciate you keeping up with me and it was indeed a lot of flying 😂

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My most flights a day were 6!

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OMG 😱 I don’t know how you did it 🤦🏾‍♂️ I was worn out by the 3rd flight 😂😂😂

That’s a lot of work @JGordon. If I were you, I would take a break from Infinite Flight and do something else because I don’t feel good spending too much time on my phone. But after all, good and nice flying to all three destinations in three flights

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I have already included a few days off in my schedules for the next couple of weeks. Also, after I’m done flying, I don’t look at my phone until later that night and while I’m flying I’m away from my phone, so it’s not too much screen time

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Oh ok that’s good as long as it is not short hauls, like a one hour or less flight, where you have to stay on your device for all three flights

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That makes sense!!!

I also did an overnight that night 🙃

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Overnights cool. It makes you feel like you’re following the flight schedule of a real pilot

Amazing Shots Man Next time send me a pm when you bout to fly cus im down to fly with you lol

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Let’s do it!!! I’m free now, Saturday, and Sunday…

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Friday I have to renew my pro so I wil see when

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