Flying with friends


Just an idea but i would like to know when friends I know are flying and where . Also incorporating a way to share a flight plan with a friend that is in the same region . Possibly having a chat box also?? Thoughts anyone ??


Just talk to your friend on phone or something, you can check someone’s flight plan by going onto map and taping their plane icon and if they have a flight plan it will appear.


Well I meant it kind of as in it popping up as an invitation to fly the same flight plan and automatically input to your flight plan and talking on the phone is pretty impossible


Oh, that would be great idea though.


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Sometimes I fly while at work where Skype is pretty much unavailable sometimes while I’m not home also . Would having a chat bar decrease the fps or lag the game in any way ?


That would be a good idea, but I worry about trolls and people who put codes into the chat bar to crash the game. Like effective power and scripts like that.