Flying with Delta



You got some cool shots there but can you please post them on this topic as your pictures relate to window views.

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Nice! How was your flight?

Hmm the first one looks like my profile pic.🤔 Anyways glad you went with them. I hope you enjoyed your flight!

Where do you fly too?

Judging by the scenery/buildings in the pictures, I’m guessing EWR-ATL

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I agree with @Bryant_Lol as this is not a review of a trip, as it is only pictures out of the window.

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Delta is probably my 2nd favorite airline to fly on. My 1st favorite is American. Has been, and always shall be.

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you have a problem with that

Delta is my favorite airline. Ill be breaking my streak of flying only on delta (for the past 5 years) this winter break , where Ill be getting on a southwest plane.


No! I have no problem with anyone in this great forum!

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I can agree with you here. Their level of customer care is much higher than UA or AA. It’s close to JetBlue in that way :)


If you look on my thread a lot of people say delta is their favourite

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