Flying With Deklyn (Part 2) ; KMSP-MDPC

1.) Delta Boeing 737-900
2.) Training Server ; 8:05AM-2:53PM ; KMSP-MDPC ; 4:48

Join me on my first ever flight to warm and sunny Punta Cana from cold Minneapolis!

Passengers, cargo, and catering loading up for the flight at Gate G15 (Terminal View)

The shiny 737-900 taxiing to the runway for its departure (Tower View)

Takeoff! The aircraft heads off to sunny and warm Punta Canta (Outside Normal View)

Climbing out of KMSP and leaving it behind (Left Wing View)

The Delta 737-900 passing over the East Coast (Outside Normal View)

Cruising at 35,000 Feet as the plane nears MDPC (Cockpit View)

Approaching the Dominican Republic coast as the light blue waters lie below (Outside Normal View)

On final at MDPC with the land side approach (Right Wing View)

Blue skies surround the 737-900 on final (Tower View)

The plane parked at Gate B24 with its passengers, cargo, and catering unloading (Outside Normal View)

Thank you for looking at my photos, hope you enjoyed!